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March 30, 1954 Genoa Cathedral

Enjoying their hours in Genoa, HH and Jean still find time to write to their relatives at home.  Next stop Sorrento.
Genova [Genoa] San Lorenzo Cathedral* postcard sent March 30, 1954 to M/M CJ Uible
March 30, 1954 Genoa postcard to M/M CJU
Arrived here today (3/30/54) about 3:30 and will be docked here til noon tomorrow. 
Saw birthplace of Christopher Columbus and several cathedrals including this one (San Lorenzo) where the remains of John the Baptist are kept, having been brought by the early Crusaders.
The ancient part of the city with its narrow streets (about 8' wide) and tiny shops are fascinating.  Found the equivalent to Woolworth's (Upim) but no jack sets at all – huge marbles.  
Received your letter here – its good to hear always and enjoy clippings [too.  --HH & Jean]

Genova [Genoa] Panorama postcard mailed March 30, 1954
Genoa postcard to Catherine & Roberta - March 30, 1954
Spent this afternoon & evening in Genoa and will be here til noon tomorrow.  
Here is a picture of Genoa including the place where the boats dock.  Don't think the Saturnia is in the harbor in the picture.
We certainly enjoyed hearing about you in the letter to Barcelona and we are looking forward to another letter soon.  Hope you are all better.  We're forwarding them on to Dear & Grandma.  Certainly miss you but know you are being well taken care of.  Love, Daddy and Mommie

*Cathedral of San Lorenzo, or Genoa Cathedral, begun in 1155 with construction of walls and completed between 1307 and 1312.  Construction ended in the 1600s although the dome and medieval parts were restored in 1894-1900.  The city was shelled by the British on February 9, 1941 but the Cathedral suffered only minor damage, unlike the opera house which had major damage.

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