Friday, March 14, 2014

1984 Mary Virginia letter -Feb14

9:05pm Valentine's Day 1984
Dear Mom & Dad,

Thanks you for the Valentine and $$ today.  I wondered if you had forgotten because at noon there were three in my box, none of them yours.  Then I checked after lunch and yours came after lunch, and they finally put Lorraine's in my box about 3:30 this afternoon.  (I'm sure it was a big day at the post office.)

For valentines day, Lorraine got me a little brown fuzzy teddy bear and four lolli-pops shaped like teddy bears in Cinnamon & strawberry flavors.  It took me about an hour to eat one this afternoon.

As far as shopping, Lorraine & I decided a Thursday would be best if you don't work that day.  We have one class from 9-10:15am and then we are free for the day.  Let me know how that works in with your schedule.

I finally took down my Christmas cards last week down last week - I meant to bring them home to file them last night, but I forgot.

I have a big geography test on Thursday and big Bible test on Monday morning with Canby Jones.  I have Vinton (Vinny) Prince for geog. – he was a new addition to the W.C. History Department last fall.  I think he's from New Jersey originally, but they have lived in North Carolina & Mississippi.

Mie Young was supposed to be back by 9:00 last night, but she decided she had to stop at Kroger's for some Dr. Pepper, so she was five minutes late.  I don't think she got in trouble though.

After doing some quick figuring, in order to do my double major, I would need to take at least 22 hours every quarter, or 17 each quarter and take 12 hours this summer & next.  So I may try to take at least 18 hours next quarter, depending upon what I can schedule.

Port William has already scheduled their Bible school for July 9-14 and begun to ask for volunteers.  I will probably take that week as vacation, rather than working only afternoons.  I'm not sure what summer school schedule is.  I may go first or second term so I wouldn't have to skp classes to go to Bible School.

Guess not much else is new.  Thanks again for diner & the Valentine.  Have a nice trip to New York.  Tell Joe & Kintners hello.

Love, MV

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