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1984 Catherine's letter -Mar2

Friday, March 2, 1984

Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  I can't believe how times goes by and I never seem to get any letters written.  I finally got the typewriter out of it's cupboard and put it on the table where it reminds me of all these unwritten letters more often.  We'll see how long this strategy lasts.

Wendy's friend Julie (Wendy goes home with Julie every day after school) is spending the night with us.  She & Wendy are busy making a tape recording.  They alternatively go into hysterics and get angry with each other for interrupting "their" time.

Things have been hectic at the Co-op and at the library.  Gerry has had to go to quite a few meetings.  He has been to Portland several times and last week he went to Richmond, California, near Oakland.  Then the Co-op had a two day marathon meeting of the Board of Trustees which included meetings with the key employees and a dinner which we both went to at Wong's.  Today Gerry had to go to Portland for a meeting on exporting as the Co-op is planning to export parts to points south of the U.S.

I have been trying to do some "spring" (it probably should have been done last fall) housecleaning.  I got all the curtains dry cleaned and now I am working on washing the walls.  Such an exciting job and it seems like it takes forever!  I can't get too hepped up over such chores.

Wendy has a week of spring vacation the last week of March.  Gerry and I both have to work of course so Wendy will be spending most of the time with her babysitter  family.  They are planning several special events to give the children something out of the ordinary to do.  There are five children in their family, with Julie being the next to the youngest.  A very nice family, they are Mormons from Michigan.

Gerry played in a golf tournament last weekend and he and his partner came in second place.  It is now Saturday, and he and a guy from the Co-op are going to play this afternoon and probably both of us will play tomorrow.  The weather here has been quite nice, not very cold and we haven't had snow since early January.  Hopefully we won't any more winter weather.

Well, I guess I'll close and try to figure out where would be the best place to send this to you.  I hope you are having a nice vacation.

Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

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