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1974 Joe's letter -Jan25

January 25, 1974

Dear Uncle Harold, Aunt Jean and Family,

Your nephew has finally got into action and "la voice" a letter!  During the Xmas holidays, I had little time to write to anyone.  Horton's Tours were in full swing.  It was quite an experience.  Marianne had a hard time.  She was sick practically everyday.  She would never make a P.C. Volunteer.  Cris was even sick once for Xmas.  Robert was the bulwark of the group.  He took everything in good stride.  It's been a long time now since we walked that road in noon-day heat to Sanga, Mali.  I don't think I've every been as ambitious on a Horton Tour as ours.  I tried to show you everything.  Tomorrow I'm going to show Roberta's slides of Mauritania.  I plan on being here in Dakar next year so please think about visiting me.  We ought to do something like the Horton Kenya Tour next Xmas!  What do you think?

My parents sent a cassette with Cris for me.  I've been enjoying music ever since.  I don't know how I managed without it.

Well, you can see I've fallen in love with Senegal.  Will I ever leave?  One reason I stay here is that I love teaching, my job.

Strawberries are in now.  I can buy a box for 75 cents downtown.  There's a big store in town that has gardens outside of town where they grow strawberries.  I make homemade yogurt and put strawberries on top.  Yummy!  I've also borrowed an ice-cream mixer and we make it form time to time.  I can't seem to make the same tasting ice-cream that I've eaten at the Uibles.  Aunt Jean, could you send me your secret recipe for vanilla and strawberry ice-cream?  I'd sure appreciate it.  Thank you.

When I'm home this summer I'd like to take a trip around the USA by train, Am-Track  Do you know anything about Am-Track?  I'll probably be home for vacation around the end of August like I did 2 years ago.

What are your plans for the summer?  Hoping to hear from you soon and wishing you a belated Happy New Year –

By the way, last weekend I took a trip to a National Bird Park and saw some interesting things: camels, wild boar and many unusual birds.  When you come back, the Park will be on the itinerary.  So long for now.

Love, Joe

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