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Leaving Barcelona March 29, 1954

Time for one more card during the seven hour stop in Barcelona, before the Saturnia reboards and heads on to the next port – Genoa, as we follow HH and JBU on their European trip in the spring of 1954.
Barcelona "Holy Family" Temple* postcard mailed March 29, 1954

March 29, 1954 Barcelona Temple Postcard sent to Roberta & Catherine

Monday – in Spain
Do you like the stamps, Catherine?  How are lollipops?  We went to church yesterday on the boat, the sea is real green now.  Had turkey for dinner last night.  We had taxi ride around town and saw this church, but they have just finished the front part of it.  We are now in restaurant and Mommie had chocolate ice cream.  We get to Italy tomorrow and maybe we will see Uncle Calvin.  – Daddy & Mommie

Stamps?  Yes they're nice -- sorry Dad, if I didn't tell you that before.  It's the postcards I like more though! I'm beginning to understand where my interest in collecting postcards may have started.  Also my love for correspondence.

I think the lollipops were a "treat" left by Mommie and Daddy for us to enjoy during their absence.  Not surprised to read about Mother having chocolate.

Staying with the Johnsons was an experience in many ways, but the getting of the mail, was a highlight of the day.  Playing post office with old envelopes and magazines was a way of passing the time when Roberta and I were required to stay inside and keep out of trouble.  Keeping Roberta entertained in those days was more difficult as she didn't have her million other interests and connections to occupy every moment of her day.

Elizabeth's player piano was also a source of entertainment but required Elizabeth's supervision which made it a more limited and special event.  In an upstairs bedroom there was also an old hand cranked Victrola an ancient record player c1920s.

We'll delve more into the farm work part of the stay in a later post.

*The church, started in 1882 by Catalonian Architect, Gaudi (1852-1926), who also designed La Pedrera, the apartment building, which we saw pictured in a postcard in this post, was less than 25% complete at the time of Gaudi's death and was interrupted by the Spanish Civil War, resumed intermittent progress in the 1950s and passed the half way construction point in 2010 with anticipated completion in 2026, the centennial of Gaudi's death.  Although incomplete, the church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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