Friday, March 07, 2014

1974 MV's letter to Serena -March

[March 1974]

Dear Serena,

Hi!  There is nothing much new since you came home last week-end.

I wrote the Hortons and Uibles tonite.  Grandma sent me ten dollars for my birthday as usual.  But this year a dollar more.

We are watching "Gun Smoke."  It is really good.  Now It's over.

Mom is typing of up the Girl Scout meeting.  I am reporter.  We sent last week's in but they haven't put it in yet.

John got home O.K.  He was a wee bit grouchy if you know what I mean.


Love, Mary Va. Uible

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Mary Crowson said...

Wonder where John had been and what was a "wee bit grouchy"?

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