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1984 Sid's Letter -Mar.24

In March 1984 Roberta goes to Florida to meet HH & Jean on their return from Costa Rica and Panama and to visit the Hortons.  Sid writes a letter in her absence.  Transcription follows.

Saturday, 3/24/84
Dear Jean & Harold,

Well I am surviving in Roberta's absence.  I am sure she has mentioned the various crises that have occurred in the few days she has been gone.  My respect for Roberta's managerial skills has increased ten fold (not that I lacked any respect prior to her departure).  It takes a great deal of ability to juggle the paper work, recreational demands, health demands, satisfying a number of bosses, as well as keeping thirty or so elderly prima donnas happy.  I will certainly welcome her return.

I want to thank you for the two books you sent me for my birthday.  Peter Jenkins (& later Barbara) [Author of Walk Across America] had experiences that few of us will ever have but it is good to be able to read of their walks.  Their account of the many  varied peoples & cultures they encountered certainly is a reminder of what a magnificent place our country really is.  Thanks again, I really enjoyed the books.

I was really happy that Roberta could visit in Florida.  The fact that she could visit my Aunt Blanche was a little "frosting on the cake."  I would like to have accompanied her but "some other time."

We are already making plans for the trip East, sometime this summer.  We both have many thins from the past we want the other to see.  I am looking forward to visiting in New Vienna.

Serena and I are about to tackle what will become a monthly task – the Newsletter.  Our little publication should have about the same amount of material as the March "News and Views."  However, down the live motivation may be a problem and this is an area where Roberta excels so I don't anticipate too much difficulty.

Roberta may have mentioned our trip to Yuma and San Diego in early May.  I am a delegate to the State Convention of the Arizona Federation of the Natl Association of Retired Federal Employees at Yuma.  Roberta will probably join me there & we will go to San Diego for a few days.

We are approaching a record for the number of consecutive dry days – 80 as of today, and we are entering what is traditionally a dry period.  The dryness only seems to remind us all in the Valley of the Sun that water makes the difference between a Phoenix and the Sonora Desert.

Sunday PM I must take some of the residents to the funeral home to view Margaret Masters.  That will be a trying time.  Margaret was well liked & had been one of the 'charter' members of Senior Village.  Roberta & she were particularly close.  There will be no memorial service here at S/V.

'tis time to begin work on the newsletter.  Much of the "reporters" work needs considerable rewriting.  Serena's typewriter does a spectacular job in the final copy.

Thanks again for the books.  They were most interesting.

With love, Sid

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