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1983? GHU letter -March

An undated letter requires some sleuthing to determine when it might have been written. Grandma mentions having gotten a thank you note from MV for a birthday present which narrows down the month if we assume it was written within a couple weeks. And she mentions that Larna (Laurna?), Uncle Bill's sister-in-law (wife of brother Cris) turned 70.  Larna was born about 1913 though I don't have an exact date.  Uncle Bill's sister, Frances, was born March 4, 1919, so she would only have been 64 in 1983.  Another clue is the mention of Len's condition (Uncle Bill's brother Leonard).  He died April 11, 1983. We can ascertain the letter was definitely written in March on a Sunday evening in 1983 or a prior year.

Sun. evening
Dear Harold & Jean-
Supper of sherbert cake & sandwiches is over so I will try to write a few lines to let you know that today is much nicer than last Sun.  It rained just a little while on our way to Sun. School but soon cleared up.  Since you left we have had a couple of real nice days but the rest of the days rather cloudy.

Had a nice note from Mary V. (Birthday thank you Birthday note) & she mentioned about being a choir director for to-day which would be good practice & hope she got along nicely.  The leader at our church here is not good I would say.  He never plays nor sings alone for any service.  So he certainly is not very helpful.

Mr. Hornbeck asked me after service if my young people had left.  He wished they could have made a longer visit.

We attended a luncheon dinner at the Trailer Park last Thurs. at noon for Frances & Laurna to celebrate their Birthdays which came three days apart.  Larna is now 70 & Frances 67 I believe.  The Family is concerned about Len's condition.  Heart condition, Parkinsons, De– & now he has been passing out & seems to have no memory.  He had x-rays taken this past week & Mildred is to get the report tomorrow along with tests to be taken tomorrow.

It does not sound good for his improving at the present.  Bill seems to be taking a cold.  Mary's hoarseness is better.  Mary & Bill were not in a very good mood today as they had tickets for a play at the Play-House in L.W. but forgot to go last night.   They always take me but we lost out on that one.  The next program is in April.  We drove out to the Beach the Day after you left & they were busy cleaning up the sand from the street - that the waves had brought up on the street Sun.

A lady here in town is to leave for Senegal Africa next week in the Hooti (?) culture line for the Peace Cor. & she was wanting information so Mary showed the pictures they had on Africa.  They were interesting to see again.

We will not be going to VIA tomorrow for a group of 30+ are going by train to Tampa for the day.  They leave from W.P.B depot at 8:30 A.M. return in lat evening.

Hope you found every thing alright at home upon your return.

Love, Mother

We enjoyed your visit & card.

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