Tuesday, March 25, 2014

1954 Elizabeth Johnson letter to "Dear" -Mar.25

March 25, 1954
Dear Mrs. Ballantyne,

The girls want me to write to "Dear" and let you know they are in the Country.  Catherine is fine but Roberta has a cold but not to seriouse [sic].  She ate a bowl of cream of wheat with raisins, 2 glasses of orange juice, 1 glass of milk, ½ slice of toast & butter & jelly and 2 spoons of tapioca pudding for her breakfast this morning so I think she will be O.K.

I have a house cat and both girls are quite fond of it.  Roberta spends a lot of time talking to the cat.  Sometimes the cat hides from them and now whenever they can't find the cat they say she has gone to see "Dear."  They talk about you every day.

We got a package from Harold & Jean yesterday, some things they didn't want along, a hat, pair of shoes & etc.  They said Harold bought
a Beret to wear on the boat & Catherine is anxious to see her daddy in a womans hat.

We went to New Vienna yesterday and Roberta wand wanted to stop at home.  She is just a little homesick for Mommy & Daddy.  Catherine understands they are on a trip and is quite happy.  They keep busy helping me.  We have a new baby calf, and of course there are chickens to feed and eggs to gather so the days are full.  They fight over who shall feed the cat & dog & gold fish.

Well I must hurry they want lunch.

The Johnsons & Uibles

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