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1984 Family letter Limerick Inn -Mar3

March 3, 1984

Dear Family:

Thought this might be an appropriate month to use this stationery. It was a nice hotel but the restaurant left much to be desired.

We were guests of the Sankers on Wednesday evening and they had given us a "homework" assignment over a month ago to see how many four letter words we could make out of "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" (may well have the letters mixed up, but hopefully you have the idea).  Serena was a BIG help in coming up with several hundred words.

Wednesday was also a bad day at Wells for had several roof leaks - ice forms over the eaves on the roof and the water cannot escape except by coming down thru the ceiling.  Plus we had a semi in for a load and had to call the wrecker twice to get him on the way.

New York in 1984 was especially nice for we did enjoy seeing Joe, Mares and her family.  We celebrated by eating at the Four Seasons, which was designed by the same architect, Phillip Johnson, who also dis the Crystal Cathedral.  En route home we had supper with X and John.

Since then Dad filed for reelection to the County Commissioner job and will have opposition in both the primary and general election.  Last Saturday was our Lincoln Day Dinner . . . the Deputy Sec. of Agriculture was our speaker.  Had a good day and should clear a good $3,000.00. The day before we went to Dayton for our annual physical check ups . . . at least we still "feel" young.  Also visited the Pepperridge Farms surplus bakery.

We plan to leave here Thursday for Florida stopping to see Helen Kuntzman [1921-2009] and getting to Lake Worth on Saturday.  The Hortons are willing to take us to the Miami airport to get our flight to Costa Rica.  We'll be gone about two weeks stopping in Panama on the way back and then back to Miami.  Dad wants to go to the toy show in Atlanta on the way home so we'll be gone almost 3 weeks altogether.  The group going to Costa Rica is primarily a Wilmington College sponsored group - non-deluxe accommodations, visiting a Quaker farm there (run by one of the Stuckey boys from Wilmington who went to Barnesville with you, Bert?)  Mary Virginia is playing for Randy Rankin's wedding this evening.  The family is singing - Keith, Joanne, Jody, Kelly - Rob refuses to sing with the group.  I am anxious to hear how it turns out for Jody and Kelly are also ushers so they will be busy before the ceremony doing two jobs.

Mary Virginia and Mie Young have spring break while we are gone but guess they will be able to look after themselves.  They both think they won't be home the whole time anyway.

The Goodings are to come down tomorrow - we have postponed our get-together several times but they said they want to hear about the wedding and all the family.  MV and her roommate are also to come for dinner.

The David Hendersons celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary by repeating their vows last night.  Paul Steele officiated again - he is now the minister at Washington Court House so is quite close.

Mother, wee where Phillip Morris is raising their dividend on the next payment . . . yes, the Golden Lamb is still in business.  The Panama option came up at the past week so we will now be returning to Miami on Sunday.  If you have a conflict we will go another option of getting back to L.W.

We were talking to Catherine tonight and she told us that she had mailed a letter to us at L.W.  See you all soon.

Love, Jean & Harold

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