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1994 Louise Robinson postcard -Mar14

Louise Robinson, friend of Jean's at WVU, traveled the world for pleasure and possibly for work as an employee of National Geographic.  When she writes "Finally made it here" we have to guess whether she means it was a place she had not visited before, or if the journey to get there was an adventure.  Transcription follows.
Marrakech postcard - mailed 1994.  Captioned in French: Maroc Infini - La Koutoubia domine la ville de Marrakech tel un phare protecteur - Le minarte termine au Xleeme siecle a une hauteur de 69 m (comme les tours de Notre-Dame de Paris).  Google translates this as: Morocco Infinity - The Koutoubia overlooks the city of Marrakech as a protective Lighthouse - The minarte Xleeme century ends at a height of 69 m (as the towers of Notre-Dame de Paris).

1994 Marrakech Postcard from Louise Robinson -March 14

Mon. 3/14 [1994]
Finally made it here – weather unseasonably chilly.

Have been to Casablanca, Rabat, Meknes, Fez, Agadir, & here – many fresh fruits/veg. due to irrigation from Atlas Mts.

Roses are cultivated for export – Toured a processing area –

Food is FritMaroc [??] ––  LAR

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