Saturday, March 15, 2014

1984 Roberta's Tonto postcards -Mar

Tonto National Monument postcard - mailed 1984. Captioned: View of lower ruins trail and visitor center.  Photo courtesy of Tonto National Monument.  Published by Impact, "Life Like Photo Art"
1984 Roberta's postcard of Tonto National Monument lower ruins

Hi!  We did the hike up to the ruins – 3 mile trip.  Have really enjoyed our 'camping' trip.  Tried to watch T.V. Friday nite - but couldn't get picture – too far away from town.  Stubby Ashers [?] from Mesa also came up – total 28 people.  Alot of Sid's friends at Wedding were on trip.  Love, Roberta

Lower Ruins Tonto National Monument postcard - mailed 1984. Captioned: Roosevelt AZ Sunflowers (Encelia Farinos) and Teddy Bear Cholla (Oponta Big Elovii) frame the entrance to the 19-room lower ruins.  This pueblo was home to 40-60 Salado Indians from 1300-1400 A.D.  Photographer––Ed Cooper 
1984 Roberta's postcard to Wendy -Mar6

Hi, Wendy!
We were here hiking, have been out for last 4 days enjoying the great out doors.  Aunt Serena is with us too!

Do write us – we would like to know how you are doing!  Love, Roberta

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