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Genova Piazza de Ferrari 3/30/1954

After an overnight on board the Saturnia from Barcelona, the Uibles arrive in Italy – first stop an overnight stay in Genova, 530 miles by car via Marseille and Nice, however a straighter line by ship across the Mediterranean Sea.

Genova [Genoa] Piazza De Ferrari* postcard 
to Mrs. N.W. Ballantyne mailed March 30, 1954

Thanks for letter to Barcelona and here.  Arrived here about 3:30 today and will be in dock til noon tomorrow.  

Fascinating city – nearly all the buildings in the modern part of the city are covered by buildings overhead and you walk behind the large arches (pictured here).  

Saw the birthplace of Columbus – several cathedrals and one built in the 13th century and contains the remains of John the Baptist which the Crusaders brought back from the Holy Lands.  Found a 5&10 [as variety stores such as Woolworth's selling things for a nickel or a dime used to be called] but my Italian is terrible and they couldn't understand what I wanted.  All our love – Jean and Harold

*The Piazza de Ferrari is the main square of Genoa.  Below is a different postcard [not in my collection] view of the Piazza taken from a different angle.

Ferrari, in addition to being an Italian automobile manufacturer, is a common Italian surname that etymologically means "blacksmith."

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