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1984 Mary Virginia letter -Mar12

March 12, 1984
Dear Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Hortons;

Greetings from Southwestern Ohio!  It must be nice to be able to miss the worst storm of the winter, which started last Wednesday/Thursday.  By Thursday night the roads were pure ice where the snow hadn't drifted over.

Saturd Thursday noon I had lunch at Frisches with Georgialia and then went home to do laundry as I didn't think I'd have time over the weekend.  I took Lorraine (my roommate) with me, intending to be back in time for dinner at school (5:00).  Well we left the house about 4:15, stopping at Wells to pick up check from G.G.  The roads were clean until Snow Hill but even after that they didn't seem slick.  Well, I didn't have cause to use the breaks brakes until about 2/3 of the way (Accomodation Road) when we came up on a car that way was going about 30 mph and we were going 50.  Since I couldn't slow down, I tried to go around – the next thing I knew we were firmly planted in the ditch (headed back toward New Vienna).  Well, we got a ride back to New Vienna with this guy who said he was Libby Hughes' uncle from Chillicothe.  Keith Collins went out right away and towed the car out, so we ate dinner and started out for school again at 7:30.  We got back to school about 8:40, so you can tell we took our time.  In case Dad's wondering, the car is fine, not a scratch.  I have started wearing my seat belt after that.

I have enclosed a final copy of my final project from Music Theory.  We had to pick a theme and write 3 variations (original) – I chose "Rise Up, O Men of God" (#174 in the Methodist Hymnal) – Aunt Mary can keep the copy or pitch it – Just thought you might be interested in seeing my latest project.

I wrote a Geography paper on the development of Port William, which I expected to get about a B on – I got an A+ (49 out of 50 points) a rarity from my professor.

My name tags for Christian Women's Club this month were kites – they wanted air-planes to go with the theme "Come Fly With Me" – but we didn't know how to make a pattern for them, so we cut out multi-colored kites – and I spent Friday evening cutting and tying 100 "tails" –– they had only 76 reservations so I had a few left over.

The choir is busily preparing for the Easter Cantata, which we will perform Easter Sunday morning at church.  We have now gone to two practices a week (Tuesday & Wednesday 7-8:30).  And this Saturday we have an extra practice.

This Sunday (3-18) I plan to leave right after church to go see John and X and will be there until Tuesday morning when because I have to be back to teach Monday Tuesday afternoon.

Tomorrow morning I have my Poli Sci Final, and Wednesday, I have my Bible and Geography finals.  The theme & variations are considered my final for music theory, and my final in conducting will be how I conduct my five pieces when they have it on April 8.

Guess that's all the news – Hope everything's fine down South.

Love, M.V. (One of your cold Ohio Relatives)

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Mary Crowson said...

I remember clearly landing in the ditch---was driving green pontiac that belonged to Dorothy __?__ and black ice landed us in the ditch. If there hadn't been so much snow, it would have been a bad wreck.

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