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1974 Roberta's letter -Mar2

March 2, 1974
Dear Family,

Hi!  It's eight fifteen in the morning and I just got back from getting my gas.  The lines are getting much better down here now, in fact this morning I only had to wait for two cars.  I had bad luck this last Tuesday.  Went out to start my car and it hardly started, then when it did get started it acted real funny . . . . well . . . . some one evidently took most of my gas plus my gas cap during the night.  Getting more gs wasn't that much of a problem but finding a gas cap was.  I called up about six or seven places before I could locate one.  Guess there has been a big run on them lately.  I finally got one at Sears . . . . it's a locking one with keys and all.

Was quite surprised last night when Serena called.  I should have written her about my fling home instead of taking the ride to Indianapolis.  They are just leaving a day and a half too early for me to go.  (Tuesday night)  I did talk to my one professor about taking the exam early and he said fine but I had no such luck in moving up my Corrections exam, which isn't until Wednesday night.

All my classes now are over . . . . all I have to look forward to are the exams.  Yesterday I finished my registration for Spring Quarter.  I petitioned for permission to take nineteen hours, but I won't know for sure until the first day of the quarter.  Which is fine . . . . because I'm not sure if I want to take it yet or not.  I'll need the course if I stay at F.A.U. but won't need it if I transfer to Florida State.

The doctor called Aunt Mary yesterday about Grandma.  He started off by saying that she is so healthy and that the tests thus far show nothing.  He suggested that she go in the hospital as a patient to get further tests.  So she will be going in sometime this coming week; depending when there is room for her.

I bought a lined raincoat (London Fog) Thursday.  But, from the sounds of the weather reports for Ohio I may not need it up there anymore than down here.

I had the best of intentions to write this last night and get it in the mailbox before the price went up for postage [March 2, 1974 postage rates increased from 8¢ to 10¢ where they stayed until Dec. 1975].  But then I figured I would use up more than two cents worth of gas if I took the letter down myself to the mailbox.  Of course, I could have walked or ridden the pink panther!!!

I hope you all have plenty of food in the house . . . . I'll eat you out of house and home . . . . that is if it's the right kind of food!!!!

I've got to eat my breakfast, etc, etc . . . . don't have to be at work till eleven this morning though.  Will be home shortly . . . . .

G'ma saw in the paper about Emma Woods dying.

Love, Berta

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