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1954 Letter from NYC -Mar18

Jean's Letter to Elizabeth, Oscar, Catherine and Roberta
from New York City - March 18, 1954

Mar. 18, 1954
Dear Elizabeth, Oscar, Catherine and Roberta,

We just received your letter & glad to hear from you.  We knew everything would be going along fine.  We got quite a kick out of the remark about you taking care of us when she is 16 & they go on their trip.

As to their meals – that's usually the case – Catherine eats enough at breakfast to last til the next [breakfast] so I try to "load her down then" – maybe if vegetables would seem more enticing then but I've never gone that far.  Roberta (seems to) tries to see how little she can eat then but does better at other meals.

Before or lest I forget – do as you please about the television set.  We told Charles that if you were interested in it you would contact him & he'd be glad to help you fix it up.  He's very good at things that way.

Harold found a pair of gloves (Roberta's) in his pocket and we have some other odd & curious things to send home – some we packed & decided now we can do without for our baggage is quite weighty.  I haven't decided the best way to get  it home so if you should receive a package its liable to be two pairs of shoes and a couple of hats, etc.

Mr. thorn told Harold he'd need a cap for on board ship as is too windy for a hat & on the continent – a beret.  The salesman at Macy's said berets are the only thing to wear either place so you should see him now.  He hasn't made a public appearance in it yet but doesn't want to lug his old hat all over Europe so probably will send it home.

We've been fine ever since we let home.  Dr. Fullerton's medicine seemed to do the trick.  I've been doing so much walking the muscles ache in my legs but guess they aren't used to so much exercise.

We may embark between 9-11 AM tomorrow & the boat sail at noon.  Our next address: –

(mailed by Mar. 21)
c/o The Saturnia
Due Mar 26, 1954
E. Pinto Basto Co., LTD.
1, Avenida 24 Julho
Lisbon, Portugal

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Catherine Uible Morgan said...

Breakfast is still my favorite and biggest meal of the day!

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