Monday, March 17, 2014

1994 John's letter -Mar13

Sun. 3-13-94
Dear Dad,

Thanks for your call Saturday afternoon.  It is always good to hear form you + Mom.

Have you heard of Promise Keepers?  They sponsor gatherings of Christian men all over the country.  Enclosed is some information on a get-together in Indianapolis on June 3rd + 4th.  Would you have interest in going?  I plan to go and would love to have you join me.

When we see you in April, we'll have to play some tennis.  Next time you come up, please bring your rackets as we can play at O.S.U.-Newark campus or the high school.

Tuesday morning, we kickoff a fundraising campaign for the Licking District of the Boy Scouts.  Hope to raise $26,000 by April 18.

We are looking forward to Estes Park in July!

Love, John

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