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1974 Catherine's letter -Mar19

Tuesday morning
March 19, 1974

Dear Mom, Dad, John and Mary,

Hi!  Glad to get your letter of 3/13 yesterday.  Hope Grandma is better, I sent her a card today.  We'll be anxious to hear where John decides to go.

I suppose the big news here is about Mary Ellen and Tom.  She called us again on Sunday (3/10) and said that Tom was coming to Sanford the next day to look at a printing business that was for sale in Sanford.  So come he did, spent the night with us and we showed him our "general tour" of Sanford.  He didn't seem to be real impressed with the housing available in Sanford.  He was looking for something in the above $60,000 range.  He also looked at housing in Kennebunkport (which has had such notorieties as Booth Tarkington and Kenneth Roberts as residents) and found more things to his liking there.  At any rate he left on Tuesday not having decided to buy the business.  But the very next day he and Mary Ellen (who had flown to Boston in the meantime) arrived.  They finalized the agreement to buy Lincoln Press (the actual transaction will be on April 14) and they made an offer on a house in Kennebunkport.  So within a month they should be all moved up here.

Kuman ended up having 12 puppies.  Four of them didn't exactly thrive so we now have 8 puppies.  They are growing very rapidly although they don't have their eyes open yet.

We had some nice weather there for awhile but it is now snowing and has been cold for several days.  I've really been noticing the lengthening of the days lately.  I guess spring will be here tomorrow.

X had the perc test taken on the land last week and it failed.  They think it might have been because the ground was too frozen so they are going to try again.

We're getting all hepped up at the library for National Library Week in April.  We're going to have adult forums on local issues and films and story hours for the children.  The Portland Press Herald is aldo [also] going to do a special Sunday supplement on libraries in the area.  Somebody from Massachusetts gave us a nice gift of about 300 good hard back books both fiction and general nonfiction.  I am also trying to get alot of previous gifts processed or discarded.  Some of them date back to 1967 and they had just been collecting dust in the basement.

Well, I've got to get the house cleaned up as we're having some friends over after work tonight.

Love, Catherine & X

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