Thursday, March 20, 2014

1984 Mary Virginia letter -Mar20

pm 3/20/84
Dear folks –

Greetings from Ohio!  When I left Newark this morning, it was beautiful - high 50's and sunny but by 11:00 it was raining and has continued to do so all day – Now they say down in the 30's tonight and tomorrow and a possibility of flurries tomorrow!

John & X were fine.  I went to a Bible Study with them and Monday night they hosted a Chinese Dinner at their house for about 12 people.  Everything went well.

Friday, Mie Young went out with friends while I held the fort down and on Saturday we both went to Hannah's for the evening.  It was a nice surprise to have Roberta & Serena call on Saturday morning.

Saturday after I had a special choir practice at Port William, so that petty well took care of the day.

Friday the fruit trees arrived, so I planted them late Friday afternoon.  The ground was so wet – I would dig the holes, and they would fill up before I had a chance to get the tree in the hole and covered up.  I heeled in the rose bushes as it was much to early to plant them.

I am finally just about over my severe cold – It was really bad last Wednesday and Thursday – I kept stuffing myself with Orange Juice, Vitamin C, and aspirin.

Leslie Fansler (the girl with Quaker missions from California) is supposed to be here Thurs. – Fri. – and Saturday, but as far as getting together I'm in the dark!

I stopped by Herm Oliver's again today, and he fed me this line about how he would have the car done Thursday or Friday.  It has been sitting in the same spot for nearly two weeks.

Will probably move back to school Saturday in order to save going home after church Sunday.  Hope everyone is enjoying the Florida sun.

Love, M.V.

Grandma – Have you decided where you'd like to go this summer?!

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