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1984 Mary Virginia letter -Feb20

February 20, 1984
Dear Mom and Dad,

Thanks for your postcard today . . . . it probably would have arrived on Saturday except we don't get mail service on Saturday's.

the reason I'm typing is due to the fact that I just finished typing my paper that I found at home on Saturday.  It was probably just as well that Serena didn't type it, as it saved me paying her and it rally didn't take that long to do it.  I think I worked on it 2-3 hours yesterday and another hour today.  It was nice that I had written small, and my written pages were longer than my typed pages.  I ended up actually having to cut out about two pages of material in order to stay within my limit.  (5-8 pages).

I got up about 9:30 Saturday morning and wrote three letters, then went to Saga for lunch.  Lorraine needed to go to the public library, and I needed t pick up a book on reserve so I was out there untill about 2:00.  Then I came home (to practice with Rankins) and put a load of laundry in and took a bath before I went to the church.  When I got back, I put in another load and washed my hair and dryed it, then came back to school.

I had two late Valentine's last Thursday, one of them from the Garrett's in Mesa.  Karan Hewitt also wrote one, but it came early. . . .  I also got cards from Don and Jennry Stryker and another from Mary Lou and David Sprowle (Port William) and of course, Lorraine and Georgialia.

Jim Haskins is still recooperating from his detached retina surgery (he's been out since February 8).  Finally today Max Carr is giving Music Theory our first assignment since.  Hopefully Ji will be back next week - I think Jim is a much better teacher than Max Carr.

I am enclosing a tentative copy of my schedule for next quarter, but I have to make an appointment with Canby Jones to get it approved before it will be official.  I will be taking Chemistry Pass/Fail, so all I have to do is get a C or above to pass and it goes on my transcript as "p" instead of grade point.

[Written on side margin]  Guess that is about all the news.  I have been using M.Y.'s typewrite and need to return it.  Hope you enjoyed N.Y.C. and the Horton/Kintners.

Love, MV

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