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1984 Mary Virginia letter -Jan30,31

January 30, 1984 10 am
Dear Mom, Dad and Serena,

Greetings from far-away Wilmington!  It was nice to walk to classes in the snow this morning.  I asked Jim Haskins (my 8:00 and 9:00 professor) if they ever thought of cancelling classes – I guess they'd only cancelled once or twice in the last 20+ years.  (one of those days was after the blizzard of '78), so even if there is more snow this week, they will keep us occupied.

Thanks for bringing the couch over Saturday.  Already we have gotten lots of use out of it.  Studying on one's bed seems to induce sleep.  I told Lorraine that if we keep accumulating furniture we're going to have to rent an apartment.

Saturday, Diane Allen came over about 11"30 and took me to lunch at Frisch's – We took Shelly Straight's suitcase over to her & she went with us.  I guess she is coming home again next weekend with the two Beasly boys that go to Asbury.

I took a small nap Saturday afternoon (4 hours) & decided to get up, despite the fact that could have slept longer.  I wrote a presentation I have to give for Kirk Halliday's class – "American Issues & Ideas."  I got an A on his test last week.  I have to give a 10 minute presentation on the cons of Euthanasia.  My big project paper will be a thesis on Abortion.

I put in my two weeks at Extended Care – I will probably job hunt after the New York trip, as I don't want to have to ask for time off as soon as I would start. I guess my replacement is a girl in the Health Care Program at Laurel Oaks.

Midterms are this week, but technically I only have two: Canby Jones, "Intro to Bible," & Kirk Halliday, on Wednesday  Thursday respectively.  Both should be fairly easy.

After church yesterday, Don & Jenny Stryker (they had me for Christmas dinner) took me to lunch at Ponderosa in Xenia.  We got there about 1:00.  Ordered, & went through the salad bar – usually the steaks are there by then.  Well, finally, Don's came, with no sign of the other two, so he went ahead & ate.  Still, no sign.  Finally the manager came out about 1:45 and wrote out free meal certificates (for all three) because we had waited so long.  It was approximately 2:10 when they finally got it together & brought our steaks out – What a way to spend the afternoon!!

Last night for church, the McCann family (from Wilmington) sang.  Usually church is over by 8:30 at the latest – it starts at 7:00.  They sang until 9:00.  I like Country Gospel, but not that well.  Kevin left about 8:30 as he had to study Greek.

Jim Haskins has written a piece which the Dayton Philharmonic will be performing.  His students are going to the dress rehearsal next Tuesday, free of charge, so I will get to hear the Dayton Phil. for the first time.

Friday night I made out my Freshman Sophomore IEP (Plan).  Instead of Wilmington have requirements, they have guide lines and you make out your own Individualized Education Plan, writing down all the courses you've had, the ones you're taking / plan to take – You have to have at least 189 hours to graduate – & 45 more hours on top of that for a double major.  Talk about a headache.  I have 222 hrs with one major, so I may go ahead & chart out a double major.

Gotta go.  Made an appointment for Oil Change.  Thanks again for the loveseat, et al, & breakfast Saturday.  Love, M.V.

1-31-84 3pm
Dear Mom & Dad and Serena,

Thought I just tack some new news on this letter and get it in the mail.  My presentation in Kirk Halliday's class went real well this morning.  Tonight will be spent studying for my Bible mid-term and analyzing some music theory.  My most recent assignment in there, writing a short piece of music, he handed back on Monday with the comment "Best in the class" written on it.

Yesterday I went over to Maintenance to apply for a summer job.  Mary Bahr, Director of Personnel & the Physical Plant (Maintainance [sic]) is the Advisor for Fellowship of Christian Students and used to attend Port William Church.  She hired me on the spot – no application or interview.  I start the Monday after school's out, 7:30-4:30 everyday.  She said there would be no problem if I wanted take classes, have a day off, or take vacation.  I get an hour for lunch, and two 15 minute breaks am & pm.

I stopped by the Christian School this morning to check with Craig Cook about teaching music.  He said I had been hired & would be made official at their board meeting tonight.  My first session will be Friday afternoon.  I'm still kind of unsure as to how many hours weekly but $4.00/hour is quite a big raise, and the work will be much more pleasant.

Final Exam Schedule came out yesterday; I will have one on Monday (3-12), one on Tuesday, and 3 on Wednesday, finishing up at 3:00 pm.

This religious emphasis week at W.C., most of the stuff happening this weekend.  Pete Cade & Fiancé will be here Saturday to give a seminar entitled "Christian Ministry in Appalachia" from 1:00-2:30 in Kelly Center.

Well, Want to get this in today's mail.

Love, M.V.

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