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1974 Roberta letter -Mar31

Roberta writes a letter on the misprinted stationery from Burdine's. Transcription follows.

March 31, 1974
Dear Family,

It's hard for me to beleive [sic]  that a week ago today I was in the snow and cold weather of Ohio, and now I sit in my air -conditioned house!  Cris just took Donna (more details later) out to the airport to catch a plane back to Atlanta tonight.  She wasn't able to get a reservation so is stand flying stand-by.  Time will tell . . . . . . she may be back here to spend the night!!!

We got a call from Cris sometime on Wednesday saying that him and Donna would be driving down, bringing a u-haul for all his stuffxm  Well, fridxThursday night they got here with a big ole u-haul on the back of the car.  If you could see all the stuff he brought home with him you would know why it took such a big one.  He had figured up his gas mileage and he said it was between six and seen miles on the gallon!!!!

Cris did take a job with Eaton.  Maybe you have heard all this before . . . . . I'm not sure.  Anyway it's a training program and he will be in this program for fourteen months, during which time he will be in four of their plants.  He's to start work the fifteenth of this month.

I had started a letter to you all today at work, but didn't get very far one [sic] it.  I really showed up the ones that were in my department for the Sundays I was gone.  For last Sunday they did $37 and the Sunday before that only $24 and today I sold 127 dollars worth.  But I sold a backgammon game for forty dollars which really helped the cause out!!!!  For the next two weeks I'm going to be working quite alot at Burdines's.  As my manager went on vacation just this past Friday for two weeks.  I'm going to work fur days a week.  It's much better now to be working that much than later on in the quarter.  Besides this way I can get behind right in the beginning!!  (ho, hum)

So far my classes are really going good.  My Population and Urbanization class seems pretty hard, but I'm not sure what I had expected there.  Every page seems to have about four names and six theories and also some dates throw [sic] in every now and then!  Very exciting to sayx the least!!!  I think I'm really going to enjoy my one criminal justice class.  It's the one that was supposed to meet on Monday and Wednesday nightsxx but instead meets on Thursday nights at the junior college.  It's a five hour class supposed to befx from five till ten in the evening; but last week the prof told us that it wouldn't be starting till six from now on and that we would be out by nine.  Also we aren't suppose to have any tests whatsoever, just discussion and also a paper to help make up for the time that we won't be in class.

Dad, I went around to two bakeries asking about buying milk, with really no luck whatsoever.  So Thursday I called up several wholesale grocers, and Friday went to pick up my fifty pound bag of milk for 39.00!!!!!  Compared to 1.10 a pound in the grocery that's a good price!!!!  The twenty quart container of Quik chek brand went up to a new high of 4.39 a box!!!!!  One of my girl friends who works in a grocery is supposed to get me some containers now to store it in.  Tonight I opened up one of my big cans of tuna fish . . . . . the half gallon size.  I now have 21 bags of three ounces (lunch portions) weighted [sic] out, and put in the freezer.  That should probably see me through the quarter, or close to it.

Friday we went to see Godspell at the Palm Beach Playhouse.  John Murphy has been working over there so he got all of us free tickets.  We were sitting next to all the really well-to-do.  The price of our tickets would have been 9.50 if we had paid for them!!  And we went to the matinay [sic] well, that's not how it's spelled, but that's the way it sounds!  It was pretty good, I enjoyed the music especially!  But I would never have paid 9.50 to see it!!!!

We have enjoyed all the mail this past week from John, Mary V. and Mother.

I have been pretty upset the last couple of days because of what the scales have been telling me!!!  I have gained somewhere between eight to eleven pounds depending on when I weight [sic] myself since I have started taking all my medications regularly.  So I am going to try and be patient for a couple of more days then I'm going to call Dr. Schnebly up person to person and collect!!!!  I've been laying on the fish and spinish [sic]  lately so maybe that will help some.  As to Weight Watchers I only have the one lass at the moment, on Friday mornings since the others conflicted with my school schedule.

Grandma went back to the doctor on Friday and Aunt Mary mentioned something about Grandma going to Hawaii and the doctor told her to go ahead and make plans to go.  So since then I have heard alot more about her going.  She told me that she could take her bed-pan with her just as she did when she went to Maine.  Also said that she thought she would buy a new dress before she goes.  (she really thinks ahead!!!!!)

I was wondering if someone could ask Mickey Collins when they see him next about Wright States summer school program.  I would appreciate esp. the dates, whether it is one regular quarter (say nine weeks long) or if it is several baby quarters of three or so weeks.  I have to take a science this summer one way or another.  I had hoped to be able to be able to take an upper division science this summer in order to get credit towards my four year degree but my counselor says with my background in science I would never make it, so will have to take a basic EASY science course of some sort. (simply to fulfill junior college requirement)

Well, I better be going . . . . . It's getting late; as if you couldn't tell my [sic] this bad typing.  Mary V. I will answer your letter soon; and John, I'm so glad you wrote your grandmother the nice little neatly typed letter that you did!!!!!  John – have you had any donuts lately?  Last nite Cris made a mulberry pie . . . . . of course I didn't taste it but everyone said that it was really good!!!

Love, Berta

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