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1954 Jean's letter -Jan2

January 2, 1954
Dearest Mother,

The time has been going so fast during the holidays with what seems like two Saturdays and two Sundays in every week.

We had an awfully nice time at Charlotte & Doc Hause's last Sunday night – there were two other couples there whom we knew slightly & found them nice to know.  We had turkey, oyster dressing, sweet potatoes, broccoli, relish plate, hot rolls, salad (?), pecan brownies with ice cream over it – coffee and she invited us to – supper!  (Wonder what she'd call dinner.)

Afterwards we played Rook – and had so much fun – I'd forgotten all about the game.  I won high score for the women – a dainty bottle of hair & body lotion.

Charlotte called later & said they were getting up a little party for New Years Eve so were out there again Thursday night with Virginia & Jack Walker and Alice & Rudy Rudisill.  Played bridge til the wee hours – very nice & then refreshments – and she had made crepe paper hats for us all to wear & we had big laughs at the men in theirs.

Charlotte is so artistic and her home always looks lovely – I want you to see it the next time you're in New Vienna.  They go in for antiques but she uses them with such good taste.

Tomorrow night we're to go to the Rudisills for dinner with the Everett Penns.  Mary Ruth & Bob just called to invite us there for a waffle supper same time so can't make it.  Bob was operated on for hemorrhoids just a week today.  Mary Ruth says he's coming along fine but taking it easy.

Catherine and Roberta had a good time down at the shop today & also watched them load the box car which goes out Monday.  It really holds alot.  Wells recently purchased loading runners which helps immensely at times like these.

They built houses out of empty cartons inside the shop & had a time punching jacks.

We have been giving you credit for sending those seven balloon dolls which have been fascinating them for days now – but for some reason I kept forgetting to thank you for them.

When we went over to see Aunt Mary & Uncle Harry Hiestand she had a set just like them for which she had sent.

Donna and Waldo Cornelius left last Sunday for Florida and his father & mother & their older daughter – Sharon (Catherine's age) accompanied them.

The Hause's daughter – Linda seems some better but still far from natural or normal for a little girl of seven.  My hear really goes out to Charlotte but she never even refers to Linda as being different.  Doc's brother was there New Years Eve – and he's eight – twenty four years younger than Doc.  His father is Supt of Schools at Goshen.

We're talking of going to Cincinnati to get some clothes – I hope to get a couple of nylon dresses or dress & suit for they say dry cleaning is really a problem in Europe.  I've got pretty complete lingerie in nylon.  Mother Uible gave me her collapsible (sp?) umbrella.  Harold plans to look into suits – possibly made of dacron-orlon or nylon combined with wool.

Catherine is already counting the days til her birthday.  Roberta is saying more & more.  Tell Virginia they look real cute in their dresses they sent them – everyone raved about Catherine with the gloves to match.

All our very best love –– Harold, Jean, Catherine & Roberta

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