Sunday, March 30, 2014

1994 Roberta's letter -Mar.30

Roberta writes a letter / Anniversary greetings on a NVUMC notecard.  Transcription follows.
United Methodist Church • New Vienna, Ohio 1876-1976, front of notecard

Hi! & Happy Anniversary!

No time to go out & buy one of those special cars – so I pull out by box & look what I happen upon!  We have been out spending $ – Sr. Village's last month under the generous county budget – as of April 1st – different story!  I've been having to break the news of rents going up July 1st – up $75 for double rooms – up $175 for private rooms ––quite an increase – will probably have some that may have to move – will be a tough time!  The county will keep their people here for $875 which will allow them to continue the private rooms – only 8 county people left – 3 of them over 90!  County hasn't picked any new ones up for Supervisory care since Oct. 87!  Enuf about S.V.!

I'll be anxious to hear of your visit w/ Miss Ginny & her parents!  Next time I'd like to get there to see them – but then will be seeing them at Estes!

Outback Steakhouse now in Phx – we haven't been there – yet!

My plane arrives 4:50 pm – Cont. #1174 from Houston – April 6th – Wednesday.  I leave following Wednesday 10:35 AM to Cleveland - PHX.  Great flight get here at 3:20 pm.  Change twice – extra frequent flyer miles – HA!

You two are great parents – I'm thankful we were raised in the New Vienna United Methodist Church – Thanks for all – Tho we will probably never have a feature 2 hour TV movie about us – or be on Oprah!  HA!  Since we didn't have a sensational – (but functional!) childhood!

Love, Roberta

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