Thursday, March 13, 2014

1984 Mary Virginia letter -Jan17

Dear Mom and Dad,

Being done with classes for the day, I thought I would try to get a letter off to you.  Things have been pretty busy here.

Last Friday I took Lorraine home for overnite (to Middletown) and we got back about 11:00 Saturday nite.  She did her laundry Friday p.m. (while I read for homework) and then Saturday we went shopping.  I bought three light bulbs.

Sunday I went to church and took a girl from work – Lori, the heavy-set girl that used to work at Dr. McMullens, and then she had me over for lunch.

When I got back Lorraine & I walked downtown to Bob & Carl's and then we had dinner out of the food her mom sent back with us.  Then we took off for church at Port Wm.

Roberta called me Saturday night after I got back – Didn't have much to say other than Grandma help up the plane going to Florida.  Several people told me at church that they had seen the write-up of the wedding in Saturday's paper.  Lori showed it to me after lunch on Sunday.

Filled out the tree order, and have enclosed it for your inspection.  They will probably arrive April 20 – or so again.  I think it makes a total of 205 trees.

Worked last night & again tonight (4-9).  Hope to come home for a short while next Tuesday, probably for dinner – that is if the honeymooners will be home.  Lorraine will be coming also.

Love, Mary

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