Wednesday, March 12, 2014

1994 Mary's letter -Mar11

12:30 PM 3-11-94

Dear Mom & Dad –

Ginny is watching BARNEY so I have 30 minutes to get some writing done!  Her newest Barney-ear is a pair of Barney slippers (at least on size too big) which she had to put on before dinner last night!

Thanks again for the sweet birthday card and check!  I used the check for my annual dental cleaning and to get some new underwear.  The birthday party in Wilmore went well, there were several people from Emmaus there, Ginny Bowles, Leah Davis and four people from Somerset.  Diane & Frank came along with decorating & having the food ready.  They even brought a dozen dead roses arranged nicely in a vase.  It was a nice evening.

Don said Wendy called & left a message that everything was fine and "by the way" she had gotten a car!  Since it was a message we didn't get any details.

Don went to Knoxville today for a member who's having surgery today.  It was a nice but cool day so Ginny & I went for a walk after lunch.  She enjoys listening for birds & touching the pine trees.

Our daffodils & tulips are coming up but don't look like they'll be blooming very soon.  It was cold here this week but not enough to cancel school or stop anything.

The church is about to get a new PC - a Packard Bell 486SX (5¼) as they need a more efficient machine with more memory.  Rumor has it they may put the old one in my office as I have some software I'd like to use to keep track of my music library.

Barney's over, so we'll close for now.  You are welcome to visit anytime that you can make it down.  We'd be glad to have you (especially for Easter).

Love, Mary Va, Don & Ginny

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