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Barcelona, La Pedrera 3/29/1954

The Saturnia docks in Barcelona and the Uibles have about seven hours to see the sights and mail postcards to those waiting to hear from them.  Transcriptions follow each card.
Card sent to Catherine & Roberta from Daddy & Mommie
Monday 29/3/54
Eating our lunch just down the street from here.  The first actual meal we've ordered since New York.  We've walked or taken a taxi to sightsee all morning so are mighty hungry.  They park cars on top of this apartment building.  Hope to hear you're being good girls.  Please save postal cards for us.  Love, Daddy & Mommie
La Pedrera* [architect: Gaudi] - same card sent to both recipients

Card sent to M/M CJ Uible from Harold

Monday – had no rain since leaving NY.  Dance every other night on boat.  Here we are in Barcelona, took a 2 hour taxi tour of town for $3, now riding streetcar & subway.  Lots of beautiful buildings and parks.  We use map and sign language to get around.  Save the cards for us.  Received your letter in Lisbon.  Had horse & buggy ride in Gibraltar.  No rain yet.  Streetcar costs 1.5¢.  Had big time in restaurant with our lack of Spanish, about a block from here.  –Harold

*Casa MilĂ , better known as La Pedrera (Catalan for 'The Quarry') was completed in 1912 and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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