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1974 Catherine's letter -Mar.27

Wednesday morning
March 27, 1974
Dear Mom, Dad, John and Mary,

I hope you don't wait forever to enlighten us about where John will be going to school next year.  Also, John, we are still counting on your spending the month of July with us.  We don't want to disrupt whatever the other plans you may have for the summer, however you're [sic] presence here would be much appreciated.

Yes, the Ballantyne clan does seem to be settling in this area.  Evidently the prime factor in the Walkley's move is that he was tired (after 12 years) of stockbroking.  He was also interested in a business of his own.  I guess he investigated several possibilities including a lumber yard.  The printing business here seems to be thriving and has been located here for about 25 years so it is fairly well established.  He knows nothing about printing but I guess he will learn.  We saw the house in Kennebunkport (built in 1792) that they put an offer on but we don't know if the offer was accepted.  Tom's only brother moved to Claremont, New Hampshire a few months ago.  He bought a furniture store there.

I'm glad to hear that the floral people are on the ball.  Also glad that Grandma is home again.  Does she have any plans to return to New Vienna?  I had already heard the news about Marianne directly from her, last week sometime.  I'm glad you're not "upset or jealous".  I'm sure Marianne will buy much nicer maternity clothes and baby stuff than I ever would so this way maybe I can just borrow her stuff later.

I'm sorry I missed the bargain on water chestnuts and bamboo shoots.  Here they are 50¢ a can.  How about bean sprouts does Strebers carry them?

X is at Kiwanis now.  I'm going to have to rush to get ready for work as it is so I better be signing off.

Nothing new on the land situation.

The puppies are going strong.  They are tottering now instead of crawling.

Love, Catherine & X

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