Tuesday, April 29, 2014

On the Rhine - April 23, 1954

KC liked this card when I showed it to him so I think Roberta would have liked it in 1954.  And we all know Roberta took the words to heart.
Girl with cup card sent to Roberta - April 23, 1954
On the Rhine 4/23/54
Dearest Roberta – We're riding up the Rhine now on a big steam boat.  Daddy is out on the deck (porch of the ship) blowing in the wind but it's nice too because its sunny.
We think of you and Catherine often and especially when we see little girls your age.  We tell them about our little girls.  Glad to hear you are being such a good eater for the Johnsons and wish we could see you and what your are doing now.
Mommy and Daddy hope you are talking a little too.  Love, Mommy and Daddy


Mary Uible Crowson said...

Catherine!! I'm so proud of you. Good one :)

Mary Crowson said...

Roberta sure got down the "talking" part going and hasn't slowed down since....

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