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1974,1984 Roberta's Letters -Apr.9

[4/9/74 - mailed with GHU letter]

Know you all will have a fantastic Easter w/ C.W. [Cris] there! I'm hoping to get up for the sunrise service – it's at 6:45 A.M – well – time will tell –

Have a great Easter!  We read about Wilmington in the Wall Street Journal – WOW!

Love, Berta

* * * * *

Dear Folks,

Hi!  Our May 'Vacation' plans are now made.  Plan to leave here Saturday May 5th to Yuma.  Will have a day or two to see the sights & then Sid's conference starts on Monday – lasts thru Wednesday.  On Wednesday aftn we will head toward San Diego – and be there till Sunday May 13th.

Have reservations in both places to PARK the 5th Wheel – both parks are rated '9' on the Good Sam Club Scale – with a 10 being tops.  Both have swimming pools – I'll probably get some good swimming/sunning esp. in Yuma while Sid is conferencing.

I got a Richard Simmons exercise tape – we have been using it.  I've also been to the water exercise group at the spa.  [Would that be Cortez Pool?]  In fact I have blisters now on the bottom of my feet from it.  Serena went swimming this AM before work – rode bike up there & back.

Lots of changes happening at work.  Ann Pierson is planning on leaving Long Term Care.  She has applied for Director's job at Mesa Sr. Center – will find out next week.  She used to be Asst. Director there.

Starting July 1st all residents will be getting back $47.10 per month from county.  No matter how much there income is or what size room they have here.  County will take over all buildings – which is fine with me!

Tomorrow Sr. Village goes to the zoo  we got 30 free passes – worth $4 per person!  Plan to have a picnic lunch afterwards.

Hope you all are dong fine ––

Love, Roberta

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