Thursday, April 03, 2014

1974,1984 Anniversary Greetings -Apr.3

1974 Anniversary Greetings -Apr.3
1984 Anniversary Greetings -Apr.3   
Here I am sending this on your Anniv. day so it is bound to be late!  Hope you had a nice celebration anyway.  We appreciated your post card from Kentucky – it seemed like a long time without hearing from you.

We are going to a resort called Rippling River in Welches (on Mt. Hood) for two nights next week.  I am going for the Oregon Library Assoc. and Gerry & Wendy are going for a mini-vacation.  That will be April 12-13. 

Wendy talks about going to Ohio almost every day.  She's been wondering what she will get for lunch on the plane.

Hope you had a nice Anniversary!

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