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Uible Name Overview - 1981

With the [recent post about the] stop on the 1954 Europe trip in Karlsruhe to check out the family history, the following document sheds a bit more light on the Uible family history in Germany.  Transcription follows.  See map below for locations.

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Uibel/Uible Overview

     Our name comes from the adjective "übel" which means evil and furious.  In 1286 lived a man called "Albrecht der Ubel," and composed forms of this are, for example, "Uibeleisen," a man called Uibel who traded with products of iron or made things of iron.  During the 15th and 16th centuries, near the village of Fischbach, Germany, on the northern bank of the Nahe River and Baden-Weierbach on the south side of the Nahe River, a great amount of mining for copper and silver was happening, and it is now thought that Ubel/Uibel families came from Thüringer, now controlled by Communist Germany*, to work at this trade.  After the 30 years wars, Ubel/Uibel families migrated from Thüringer  to Freistett near the town of Kehl-on-Rhine.  Today Uibel families live in Freistett, between Karlsruhe and Freiburg  and Dr. Seigfried Uibel, son of David Uibel, Elfenweg 20 D-7500, Karlsruhe 51, Western Germany, states that his ancestors came to Freistett after the 30 years war as charcoal burners from Thüringer.  Also, the name has been written as "Uibel" as long as has been known to them.

     The fact that Siegfried's father's name is "David" makes it very probably that he is related to our John David Uibel – 1778-1843, buried at the Crosson Cemetery, Warren County, Ohio, about one mile west of Butlerville.

     I have not attempted to research in more detail our ancestors from the Freistett Uibel clan.  The attached family tree is an effort to list all descendants from John David Uibel, the first and oldest ancestor that any of us are aware in the United States.  I apologize for any mistakes or errors and would be delighted to hear from anyone who has additional information or suggestions on this subject.

[signed] Jack Uible
John David Uible
Jacksonville, Florida
April, 1981
*Germany was reunified in 1990.

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