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1994 Roger's letter to Bill Dailey

This property was eventually sold and Roger and Bob did not build retirement homes at the top of Ballantyne hill.

April 6, 1994

Dear Bill:

I am writing to you to explore a possible opportunity involving the property off Ballantyne Road in New Cumberland.  My brother, Bob, and I are possibly interested in building small retirement homes for our own use on top of the hill.  We have walked the hill and feel that the view from the top offers some potential for a small retirement home.  Both of us are within a few years of being able to make a move back to the Pittsburgh area.

There does not appear to be any interested parties willing to pay us for the land.  Bob and I would like to be in the Pittsburgh area and not far from the Greater Pittsburgh Airport.  The New Cumberland property could be a viable option.  We have shared these thoughts with Blaine and the Uibles.  They all suggested that we contact you to explore subdividing the property into lots.  The easiest way may be to divide the initial subdivision into three equal parcels.  The division could be made in such away [sic] as to give all three parcels a view of the river with some buildable sites.  A common access road could traverse the same access road used by the public utility to check their power lines.  This road runs perpendicular to the Ballantyne Road and intersects it near the top of the hill.

We have no interest in buying the entire piece of property.  We are only interested in using our one third to build a couple of small cottages for retirement use.  The question becomes how we divide the land to accomplish this project.  Your advise [sic] and recommendations would be very helpful to us.

Are you aware of any lawyers licensed in West Virginia who can assist us?  Are you aware of any plot plans or surveys showing the property lines?  There are other issues that we would need to explore.  The property may not even be suitable for building a home.  The power lines across the top of the hill, land grades and water availability could all be inhibiting issues.

I welcome your thoughts and suggestions.

Sincerely yours,


N. Blaine Ballantyne
R. Ballantyne
H. and J. Uible


Mary Crowson said...

So what became of this? I don't recall any homes built at the top of the hill in the interim...

Catherine Uible Morgan said...

I think it was the power lines which made it unsuitable. The property sold in 1998 according to Blaine.

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