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1974 GHU Letter -Apr.8

Note from Roberta added at the bottom of the back page is also transcribed below.  The date is inferred from the envelope which is postmarked 8 Apr 1974, and a look at the April 1974 calendar which indicates April 8, 1974 was a MondayRoberta must have made a trip to the post office after the letter was written to have it be postmarked the same day.  The envelope has an 8¢ Eisenhower stamp and a 2¢ Frank Lloyd Wright stamp attached for those of you interested in the philatelic information.

Mon. evening
Dear Family –

Received your letter to-day.  I sure am sorry about the check & of course will wonder what happened to it & hope no one tries to cash in on it.  I had hoped that some one might find it & return to me, but no luck so far.  In the near future will send you a duplicate for the same amount.

Looks as if the church has a problem to raise that given amount but I guess if we all give "generously" it can be met.  Will try to give my share when I get home.  Right now I am getting papers ready to send out to my Dr. & hospital bills paid by medicare Ins. Total about $1700.00  It is a crime the way they charge, but what can a person do but go along.  I know that my right foot is better but my left is not doing so well.  At least I went to church service Sun. & was able to wear my shoes.  Cris took me & we used the wheel chair.  I want to go to Sun school & service next Sun. if all is well.

The Lions have their pancake day at the th Park but Mary & I don't plan to go as there will be salt in everything & Mary doesn't like pancakes anyway.  Roberta will be home for the store closes for Easter.

I had Cris to order my plane ticket Sat. for the 27th so hope you can meet me in Cin. that evening Harold I am not sure of the time Harold but I believe it is 5:35 P.M.  Will let you know later.  I wrote to Mrs. Wilson to day hoping she will open up the house once more.  So you two can make your plans hopefully for about the week of the 21st.

Jean if you are any place where a health store operates will you please get me some food that is salt free.  That is going to be my problem.  I may like to stay a couple of days with you until I get Marie started again.  I plan to write a note to her soon.  Since I don't walk as much as I did I may have a little trouble but I don't think so.  With Mary V's help things will go along fine.  We enjoyed your type written letter.  (Hope the letter with church check) & Mary V money was sealed & reach N.V. all right.

Cris is getting ready to leave us Wed.  He plans to spend a little time with his girl friend in Atlanta.  He made a good Mulberry pie last week.  I cut the stems off for him & then Fri. we tried bread.  He made 3 loaves & it was very good.  He enjoys baking.

Notice in the News J. that Mr. Ridgeway is trying to stir up something. 

[part from Grandma ends here, and the following is the note from Roberta]

We read about Wilmington in the Wall Street Journal – Wow!  Appreciate all the mail from College St. – Mary V. your typing is good!  ––Berta

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