Tuesday, April 22, 2014

1994 MV's Fax to England -Apr.20

Conquest Hospital
Cookson Area


Dear Mother,
We were so sorry to hear of your fall and surgery but hope you are feeling much better by now.  We send our love and you have been in our prayers.  I had called Georgialia to ask her to let your group know and when Ether Salisbury heard she called G.G., so that is how word got to New Vienna.  Hope you are comfortable (relatively speaking) and the food is not to awfully bad.

My Chancel Choir cantata went extremely well on 4/9  & 10, and I made a copy of the tape for you folks which I'll get to you when you get home.  My senior adult group is nearly ready to do their musical on 5/8 pm and the children will be ready by the time 5/22 rolls around.  It is a busy time of year, but the summer should compensate a bit for it.

Ginny's growth has slowed up but her vocabulary and sentence structure continues to grow; the only time her words are illegible is when she gets extremely excited.  This morning she put her "chickie" to be on the arm rest of the car (en route to Somerset), instructed it to go to sleep, patted it on the back and sang Rock-A-Bye Baby (the whole way through).  Her favorite song this week is Happy Birthday which she calls "Happy to you."  She also enjoys going for  a walk to see the dog that lives at the end of the street and picking dandelions that have already gone to seed.

Don is at the Dr. this afternoon for a check-up.  His coughing has cased and he seems much better.  I think knowing that he will be moving in June has relieved much of his stress and so his health has improved.  The D.S. has talked to him about possibly taking the church at Burnside so that I can my job here.  Jack Brewer will become a D.S. in June, but does not know where yet.  There will be lots of moves in the conference this year and nothing will be definite until appointments are made the second week of May.  With Jack leaving, that will man that I have the most seniority of the full time staff, which is not where I thought I'd be at this point.  The Music Director at Trinity Hill UMC (Lexington) is leaving in June to go back to school;  I've thought about applying for it but a lot of it is contingent upon where we move in June.  The position at Trinity Hill would would be about the same salary but direct 3-5 choirs instead of everything I'm doing here.  It would be nice to be in Lexington and there are some classes I wouldn't mind taking which I need before I could start on a Doctoral degree.

We had a real nice trip to Macon and visit with the Smiths.  Ginny traveled very well and the only trouble we had was she started vomiting as we drove through downtown Atlanta on I-75.  We may try to go to see them again in August as I have gotten Don tickets to a Braves baseball game for his (surprise) birthday present.

I'm thinking about possibly coming to New Vienna to visit after you get home but we can discuss that when you are stateside.  Tell Dad hello and not to drag you all over England if yo are dismissed from the hospital early.  You are in our thoughts and prayers and wish that we could visit you (it would be a nice excuse to take a holiday to England!!).  Maybe for your 50th anniversary . . . .  I'm running out of room and need to pick up kids for after school choir.  Today is 4/20.  Sending this 4/21 a.m.  P.M.

Love –– Mary Va. – Don – Ginny

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