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Switzerland - April 19-21, 1954

The 1954 Europe trip continues, traveling from Austria to Switzerland.
Switzerland postcard to M/M CJ Uible - April 20, 1954

20 April 1954
Now waiting for our lunch here in Interlochen Lucerne.  Came down here by train from Zurich (which is our headquarters on our stay in Switzerland.)  From here to Brunnen by boat across the lake and from there to Zurich again on the train.
Meeting many interesting people who recommend various travels, hotels, etc.  Heard Switzerland was very expensive but haven't found it so – thus far.  Wonderful chocolate and good milk.  Winter coats feel so good.  Love, Harold and Jean
Zurich postcard to Mrs. NW Ballantyne - April 20, 1954
We like Switzerland very much – the little we have seen of it.  Staying in Zurich and going today to Lake Lucerne by train.  Take boat across the lake to Brunnen and back to Zurich.  People said Switzerland was so expensive and Austria so cheap but we've found both very reasonable.  The chocolate here is delicious.  Last night they served a canned pear covered with chocolate sauce and whipped cream (the hotel's dessert.)  We've had snow and rain off and on for five days.  Pretty today but cold for spring.  We'd be frozen without our winter coats.  All our very best love, Harold and Jean
Herzliche Wunsche to Catherine & Roberta 4/20/54
4/20/54 [Heartfelt Wishes from Geburtstag]
We are on the train waiting to go to Lucerne - 25 miles.  There we are going to take a little boat trip.  We have seen lots of snow up in the mountains, if you two were here we would make a snowman.  If you go to our house you look in the World Book and see Switzerland pictures.  We get breakfast with our room and Mommie got plenty of hot chocolate.  They brought her a pitcher that held 3 cups, also rolls and bread with butter and jelly.  We see lot of people with skis, also bikes.  It is now lunch time and bought about a quart of milk which we had with some pastries.  Mommie washed her hair in Austria.  
XXX Daddy

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