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Easter Cards from Rome 1954

Easter card to Roberta from Italy - April 8, 1954

Weds. April 7 [1954]
Hi, Roberta, we had spinach and cauliflower for vegetables last night.  There are lots of little stores selling pastries, fruit and milk.  We bought this card in a 5&10.  Buona Pasqua means Happy Easter and you will have to wear your new dress then.  Do you still have the bird pictures over your bed?  Read in the paper where you had snow on the 5th. XXXX D&M
Easter card to Catherine from Italy - April 7, 1954

Weds. April 7 [1954]

Hi, Catherine, how do you like these different picture cards? Have you gotten any alike yet? Thought you would like this card for Easter and Roberta can tell you what Buona Pasqua means. Have you tried out your new shoes yet? Does our grass need mowing yet? You ask Granddad to get someone to mow it for us, maybe Newt. Mommie and Daddy have ridden a lot of buses here in Rome, but not streetcars yet. XXXXX Mommie & Daddy
Easter card to Mrs NW Ballantyne from Italy - April 8, 1954

Happy Easter! - 8/4/54
Dearest Mother, This is our last full day in Rome – this trip, as we leave tomorrow for Florence.  Preparations are really getting underway for Holy Week here.
We have seen a lot still much yet to come back to see.
Sent letter on to Mother Uible to send on to you (our 2nd from Eliz.)  Hope to hear from you and her here. 
All our very best love, Harold & Jean
Easter card to Catherine & Roberta from Italy - April 8, 1954
We got a letter yesterday from Grandma, who said they would see you soon!  No other letters here.  We saw 2 big churches today – St. Peter's and St. Paul's.  We get around town pretty well on the bus and streetcar.  How do you like the new calf?  You will have to show him to Granddad.  We see people everyday that we remember from the Saturnia.  We have been to the grocery twice and bought milk and there's lots of fruit stands where we buy fruit.  Say hello to Granddad and Grandma for us. XXX  M&D

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