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1974 Catherine's Letter -Apr.5

Friday morning
April 5, 1974

Dear Mom, Dad, John and Mary,

I hope you didn't have too much tornado damage in New Vienna.  The news has been full of Xenia's wreckage.  We have had three days of rain but no tornados [sic].

As it stands now we hope to have the perc tests done next week, close on the land the following week, clear the driveway and house site the next week and then begin to haul in the rocks.  We have now more or less decided on a split level with two levels facing south and the mid level closest to the road.  rough dimensions would be 40 x 28 with each level being 40 x14.

No, the puppies don't keep us awake.  They make less noise now than they did when they were first born.  We have four of them given away which leaves xxx us with three and I xthink at least one more of them may have a home.  I'm sure owners for the others will show up the question is when.  One of the cutest ones turned out xxx to be blind in one eye which is why there are only seven left.

Do you remember gong in Shaw's hardware?  It's right on Main Street across from McClellan's 5x10.  I think you bought the can opener for us there and they gave you the rubber spatulas.  Anyway, Lincoln Press [purchased by the Walkleys] is located underneath Shaw's.  I've never been in it but X has.  We get stuff like stationery and date due pockets for the library from therm.

Of course, the Sanford library has a copy of the Exorcist.  We only have one hard-back copy although we have another one on order.  It has a waiting list on it.  I'm surprised at the number of 12-14 year olders who want to read it.  I wouldn't want to see the movie.  Did you all ever read the book about Exeter, A Separate Peace?  Does the Wilmington Library have Watership Down by Adams?  It's a new 400 page novel about rabbits. I guess it was first written as a children's book.  It's been compared to Wind in the willows.

Well, it is lunch time so I better get a move onxx.  It's always good to hear from you.

Catherine & X

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