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1974 Roberta Letter -Apr.12

April 12, 1974
Dear Family,

Hi!  The 1st part of the movie "The Greatest Story Ever Told" just came on so decided it would be a good time to quit studying & write a few letters (& also watch the movie).

First off – Wednesday I really lightened my heavy load (HO, HUM!) I dropped the course "population & Urbanization!"  I'm just not that good of a student to take 20 hours – plus I just didn't feel like being bothered!!  The course was really way beyond me – I was just taking it as an elective – where the other 3 courses I'm still taking now are all requirements.  Hopefully now maybe I'll come up w/some good grades this quarter now!!  Also I've decided I'm going to buy a new swimsuit & start going to the beach.  I refuse to go back to Ohio looking pale!!

Mother – "the purses" came today – of all days when we didn't think there would be mail service (because of it being Good Friday).  Aunt Mary really liked her purse – it's very pretty w/ the red initials.  And my purse is just the right size – and of course the right color.  (BROWN) [HA]  Thanks alot Mother.  They came before they were supposed to – didn't she say they would come about the 1st of May?  I think I'll write her & pay for the postage of them to get here.

Today the stock market was closed & no school but Weight Watchers have no holidays!  Our class met as usual – though we had very few people there.  Only 11 people – you know the Jews have been having their holidays & I'm afraid that alot of them might have gained.  Once they gain – they may never be back!   had 5 people this morning that were eligible for a pin because they had come for 16 weeks – if they had lost 10 or more pounds.  Well, of that 5 – only 1 of them had lost more than 10 pounds.  Really a good group huh – you can see how hard they work on it.  For some reason all the groups that meet at the mall seem to be like this – I think most of them come just to go somewhere or they just plan (& enjoy) on getting out & shopping & eating out!!!

Remember when we went to Cincinnati – or was it Columbus – to see this movie?  I remember how LONG it was!

I work tomorrow & then I don't work again till next Thursday – what a good feeling!!  The Monday after Easter the Hallmark Man will be there to pull off all the Easter cards & put out the Mother's Day cards!!

My girl-friend Nancy is coming over tomorrow night & then we are planning on getting up for the Sunrise service. Easter Sunday the L.W. Lions club has both breakfast & lunch pancake meal out at the park.  Since Uncle Bill has to be out there & Aunt Mary doesn't like pancakes & Grandma & I can't eat them we are going to go to Bonanza to eat lunch.  Aunt Sarah is also going to go w/ us.

Mother – if you can do try to find Grandma some salt-free food before she gets home.  Esp. bread, butter & anything else you can find.  (ie – cottage cheese, hard cheese, cereal, crackers, etc.)  OH – she especially likes to have some salt free cookies – she uses them to help get down her pills.  This is good – because she is so limited on her water.  I've found alot of things at the different health food stores around – but alot of groceries have diet sections you might check out. 

John – thought you might be interested in where judge Gayliardi went to school!

We had a nice letter from Catherine – she said she had lost about 7 pounds & wants to lose 10 more.  Grandma nearly had a fit!

As for myself – I'm still pretty upset w/ my dear Doctor Schnebly & his friend Dr. Thompson!  I manage to stay about 8 or 9 pounds more than where I'd like to be!  I talked to the health service down at school & they said that that's to be expected but that alot of it might be fluid.

Well – I've got 1 more orange to eat.  Did you watch the movie – NO – I guess you're "lodging" it tonight!

Love, Berta

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