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1954 Vatican Guard & Monreale cards sent from Rome

Five days in Rome April 4-9, 1954 at a $3/night pensione, the HHU's are seeing the sights and using up postcards they got in Monreale on April 2, same card that was pictured here.  I won't repeat the picture but here are two additional messages, first an unmailed card of a Swiss Guard at the Vatican.

This is a picture of one of the Swiss Guards who help protect the Pope and Vatican City.  
Their uniforms are really splendid – seemingly made of loose felt strips of gold and blue felt over red.  Wanted to take a picture of one but you never see them when you are allowed your camera.

Monreale Sicily card sent to Catherine & Roberta April 5, 1954
[Monday] 4/5/54
Arrived in Rome yesterday and about to go sightseeing today.  Unable to pick up mail in Naples but hope to have it forwarded and hear from you soon.  Had our first European train ride here – from Naples.  There was a little girl in our compartment just the age of Roberta named Marina Seggero. Love and XXXXX, Daddy and Mommie
Monreale Sicily card sent to Mrs. NW Ballantyne April 5, 1954
Arrived in Rome yesterday coming here on our first european train from Naples.  Very nice couple with a 3 yr. old daughter in our compartment and we had quite a time chatting thru our handbook of English-Italian phrases and terms.  They recommended a pension (rooming house) where we may board too if we wish.  Haven't so far.  We're next door to the kitchen and the food smells good.  All our very best love, Harold & Jean

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