Monday, April 14, 2014

1984 Roberta's postcard to Wendy -Apr.11

Roberta sends an animal postcard from the zoo to six-year-old Wendy.  From the postmark on the picture side it appears the postcard made a side trip to Hermiston, Oregon.  Transcription follows.
1984 Roberta's Zebra postcard to Wendy -Apr.11
Captioned: Grant's Zebra - Phoenix Zoo, Phoenix, Arizona
The stripes of the Grant's Zebra act as camouflaging by breaking up the animal's silhouette.  Photo by John Heyer.

Hi, Wendy,
We were at the zoo today – fed the left over popcorn to the birds – they loved it!  Do write us!  When do you go to Ohio?

Love, Roberta & Sid

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