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1974 Roberta's Letter -Apr.8

April 8, 1974
––8:45 p.m.
Dear Family,

Hi!  Gee – since we've been so busy at work I don't seem to ever get any letters written!  Today was another good day at work – alot of people in the store – I guess people shopping for Easter.  We sold Easter cards & more Easter cards!!

It was good tot talk to you all Wednesday night – goodness – Zenia [sic] sure did make the news!  Have you all been up that way since it all happened –– was it really as BAD as they said it was?? 

I can't believe how fast the books made it to New Vienna - it was almost like they were "dropped - shipped." – as I had just bought them on Thursday – the 28th!

I should be typing this – but I was too lazy to go & get out my type-writer!!

Hope you all have fun at the Lodge this week – take a swim & a round of golf for me.  Also John –– take a bite of the bean salad for me. (HA)

Tonight after work a bunch of us went to Red Lobster to eat –– it was really good – besides after working hard all day it's nice just to sit down & let someone wait on me.  I hate to see myself when I'm 40! (HO, HUM!!)

They called up Marianne on her birthday – I didn't get to talk to her but I guess she is already in a panic – worried about what diaper service to use, etc!  She's coming down here May 17th & staying till June 21st.  I guess Larry is going to be gone for 2 of those weeks in Reserve Training, then he'll be coming down.

Cris has been doing LOTS of baking – we've had another pie,  3 loaves of homemade bread & muffins.  (Maybe I should say they've HAD) the house always smells good!!

Next Sunday I'll have off – due to Easter.  It's perfect timing because I have a big test the next day & then one on Wednesday.  This last week I sure haven't had much chance to study – I worked at B's 32 hours & this coming week will be a repeat of it!  I'll sure be glad to see Jennifer – my manager back! 

I hope it doesn't snow on you all, the way it did the last time – also 1st time – we were down at Sharnee (sp?)  That really made a good story to tell everyone down here!

Mary Virginia have you done any cooking lately?  If I came home for the summer you can be my personal cook.  How about it?

Well – better go – will write more later in the week – well – that sounds good.  (Ho, Hum) ––

Enjoyed your letter ––––––

Love, Berta

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