Tuesday, April 22, 2014

1994 England Trip

Thursday April 21, 1994 - [England] Jean discharged from hospital about 4PM and we went to Brighton at West Beach Hotel, very near the old pier and had room in front.
1994 Brighton England - view from hotel window where HH & Jean were staying after Jean's broken ankle
Friday, April 22, 1994 - [England] Got to Exeter -- 183 miles -- and used their luggage cart to get Jean to the room and dining room. A lady joined us who had been helpful in opening doors, etc. Exeter is certainly a hard town to drive around.

Saturday, April 23, 1994 - [England] Got to Housel Bay Hotel on Lizard Peninsula [Cornwall], Room #4, a great view of the ocean, but oh the wind.  John and Julie had stayed there two years earlier, also Murray had suggested this place.  We had so much breakfast, we saved the ham for lunch at Gidleigh Park, what a lane/road to get to it, but very nice and Jean bought some cook books there.  Two nights at Housel Bay Hotel, total $166 [or#?] The big room right over the Dining Room quite drafty.
1994 - HH & Jean travel on the "freeway" to Gidleigh Park, Devon, England
Sunday, April 24, 1994 - [Cornwall England] Drove to Lands End, etc., some of the roads are really one lane, but then on the motorways people would zoom by us when we were going 70. On Sunday the hotel has a buffet, only thing hot was the soup.

Monday, April 25, 1994 - [Cornwall to Salisbury England] Drizzle all day.  Drove to Salisbury, 213 miles, room #1 at the Milford Hall Hotel.  Got food and groceries including dry soup which we warmed up on the "tea service" in the room.

Tuesday, April 26, 1994 - [Salisbury to Gatwick England] Went to Longleat House, had wheel chair available and a lift so were able to see the whole house.  Also an electric cart for touring the grounds -- tight corners on some of the buildings, even took a boat ride.  Then drove through the extensive safari animal area.  Had reservations at the Gatwick Hilton and they had a wheel chair.  Room had 3 phones.

Wednesday,  April 27, 1994 - [Gatwick England to Ohio] Lots of red tape clearing customs, while in line got talking with Jim Ritchey of Newark who knew John. Got gas at the airport 52.9p for a liter or about $3/gallon. We were in row 37 F and G and had an extra seat so flight went well. We landed in Cincy in the new terminal and had a LONG walk, train starts next month.

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