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1984 Sid's Letter -Apr.17

Sid writes a good letter, but my transcription time doesn't allow for the entire letter to be included. The first paragraph and excerpts are included below.

Note from Roberta written at the top:
Hi!  I'm not sure how you all rated copy#1!  Sid says letter full of mistakes better than no letter!

Tuesday, 4/17/84

Dear everyone,

Here goes one of these long winded epistles but it is typed so it won't be as hard to rad and if you go to sleep before you finish it, well, just don't tell me about it.  First, we just always talk about the weather.  Hit 101 in Phx yesterday and any way you cut it 101 in April is plenty warm.  We recently broke a record for the longest dry spell - about 92 days I believe.  The pool is warming up nicely and I think I'll take the big splash sometime this week.  There are a couple of sweeps that need putting back on and I must get into the water in order to do this.  Mowed the grass today; it has been greening up quite nicely.  Have faertilized [sic] it a couple of times already and will give it another shot tomorrow.  The petunias and marigolds are blooming nicely in the back yard and in fact, with the heat, it is becoming a problem to keep them going.  The desert daisies are already starting to wilt back.  Should be a a good warm summer.  Haven't turned the A/C on yet but it won't be long.  The ladies in the houses do have their A/C on and they are already squabbling over it - those that have arthritis can't stand it oo [sic] cold and those that don't want it about freezing.  The thermostats have covers on them so the ladies can't get at them but there is a suspicion that some of the more agile ones know how to get around the covers.  That should be enough on the weather.

Haven't talked to Judy yet about their trip to Acapulco but will try to call her tomorrow night to learn the details.  Just finished getting out the NARFE Newsletter and got a much better copy this time than last.  Used Roberta's typewriter with a one-time ribbon and it made a fantastic copy.  Then the Credit Union, that reproduces it for free in return for advertising space, had it copied rather than printed . . . . About 20 went yesterday to see "Terms of Endearment".  Roberta said she felt a little ill at ease having taken them.  R & I did see Robin Williams in "Moscow on the Hudson" last Saturday nite and "Police Academy" another night.

Roberta has been in a Weight Watchers diet and has had considerable success.  She must be down close to 15 lbs in three weeks.  She has stuck to the diet without deviation.  Tonight R had cod and baked potato (no butter), spaghetti squash, broccoli, and W/W ice cream.  Serena and I had BLT's with french fries, broccoli, and cherry turnovers with ice cream.

On 5/5 R & I are going to Yuma and will stay in the Suni-Sands Trailer Park.  On 5/7 Roberta will take a bus to El Cajon (near San Diego) to visit her friend Lois Bruce.  You step-daughters out there; don't forget your wicked step-mother's birthday on 5/14 which is when we come back.

I think I may have told you that when R was in Florida, Margaret, the last original resident, fell out of bed ... later in the day she passed away while sitting outside smoking a cig.  Had h heart attack and that was it.

Love ------------------Sid and Roberta

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