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Sorrento puppies April 2, 1954

From Genoa the Uibles head south along the Italian coast, to Sorrento, on the Bay of Naples, a popular tourist destination.   No scenic view cards today but the dogs are high on the cuteness scale.

Dog postcard to Roberta, April 2, 1954 sent from Sorrento Italy
Dog postcard to Roberta written by HH, Sorento April 2, 1954

Sorrento - April 2, 1954
You let Catherine read your card and trade and you two show Grandma and Granddad the two dog's pictures.
Daddy washed his hair the other night and bet your hair is nice too.
We are going to take a boat ride to Capri and then to Naples and Rome.  We had raisins for dessert today.
We see lots of horses and buggies and bet you and Catherine would like to ride in them.
They sell stamps in tobacco shops here.  We see lots of little boys and girls.  Love & Kisses XXX -- Daddy and Mommie

Puppy Postcard sent to Catherine from Italy 
We got off the ship this morning and now down at Sorrento – a beautiful town on the Bay of Naples.
See lemon and orange trees, they are in the back yard of our hotel even.
The stamp is a picture of where we are going tomorrow [Capri] – on a boat.  Love XXX, Daddy & Mommie

Next stop: Capri, about 11 miles offshore from Sorrento.

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