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1954 Germany, St.Goar postcard -Apr.22

Glenn Southerland (1897-1979, NVHS'17) and his father-in-law, Benson West (1873-1954) ran the feed mill near the railroad tracks on Church Street.  Mrs. Southerland (Minnie West Southerland 1896-1969, NVHS'16) was a cousin of Doris Eaton Jones (1921-2009, NVHS'39).

St. Goar Germany postcard -mailed 1954
1954 HH's St. Goar postcard sent to M/M Glenn Southerland -Apr.22

4/22/54 St. Goar, Germany

Here we are tonight on the banks of the Rhine, going to take a boat to Cologne tomorrow then to Holland.  It is still winter in Swit[zerland] with snow and skiiers [sic] everywhere, & very beautiful.  We were up to the castle in the rear of picture, which was somewhat bombed out during the war.  The palaces in Vienna were really ornate & even saw a few Russians, but no restrictions at all & things very reasonable.  Harold & Jean

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