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1984 Roberta's letter -Apr.20

Exact date of this letter from Roberta is unknown but mid-April 1984 is in the vicinity.  There is also the possibility of a second page which is not immediately available.  I'm curious about what Roberta's face was doing in Mesa – but according to this letter that was where it was.  Transcription follows.

Re 4/20/84
Dear Mom and Dad,

I feel like it is safe writing this....just after Sid put out an edition last night.  Didn't think you all would EXPECT two letters in a row all the time!  Just enjoy it when it happens!!!!

Had out the typewriter this AM helping one of the contractors put in a bid for putting in desert landscaping.  Actually his writing was so hard to read that I knew it had to be typed.  We will be making the decisions soon as to the bids on the lawns, putting in sidewalks closest to the houses, and lots of work inside the houses.  Trying to keep all bids under 5,000 because if over they have to be signed by the Board of Supervisors, etc. etc.

Sid has been out all day today doing the front yard, side yard, pulling the weeds along the fence on the side.

I think he mentioned in his letter that I go in the last of this month to be fitted for my bridge work.  It is going to come to almost 1,500 dollars.  So instead of our going on a long trip, probably the dentist will.  If for a birthday present you want to buy one half of one bridge or whatever I will be glad to give you more details.  They will be present--- I mean permanent --- so that they don't sit on the bathroom counter.

Tonight I go to Weight Watchers.  Of course anxious to see what the scales show.  Mother, how are you doing on your no sugar diet from the Doctor.  I started to say Schnebly.  (sp?)  We finally got a thank you letter out to the Goodings.  I'm sorry it was so late.  I did write quite an edition.  But then I write big -- so sometimes it looks like more than is really there.

It looks like Ann Pierson did not get the Mesa job.  They were suppose to let her know this week and she seems very quiet about it.  She will probably go somewhere else.  She is interested in leaving the county . . . . the new management in Long Term Care is not one that you would call pleasant.  There has already been a huge turnover, with most people down there looking for work---actively and openly.  Then of course he replaces with is own kind---that think like he does.  Tho no-one is sure what or if he thinks.  I'm thankful to be out at Senior Village---away from the mess down at the office.  Mostly, I just get the rumors---and that is enough!  I'm just not in the know that much about Serena's plans.  I tired to get her interested in calling up Curt Ream about possible jobs at Hudson Guild Farm this summer.  Serena was saying that the summer heat is going to be more than she can handle.  I'm under the impression that she will be going back to Chicago about the first week in June.

I've got an appointment tomorrow for my face.  It's over in Mesa ---we are going over there anyway--and this Doctor only charges $18 per visit---which in todays market is sure good.  Next week have an appointment for eye exam and new glasses.  A new place near Metro Center--advertising both exam and eye glasses for $39.  That is sure a bargain.  I wonder tho about the quality of the glasses  I'll be sure and get the prescription so that I can go get another pair if necessary.  If a person wanted to they could make a career out of going to Doctors.  Especially if they are in the market--or need of alot of dental work.

It's suppose to be official that starting in July all of the residents will have to turn all their checks into the county system and then get back 47.10.  That will be across the board--won't matter how much income they have coming in, or what size room they have.  Some people here now will be quite happy--since they don't have the 47.10 per month left now after they pay their rent.  And some will be most unhappy since they are getting back sometimes more than $100 after they pay their rent.  The best part of this is that the office will be handling all the checks coming in and all that.  Especially since the birth of the Newsletter (tho, I don't seem to do that much of the work involved) the first of the month is really hectic.  I'm sure going to be happy to give up the bill collecting part of my job.

Sid also mentioned about the Senior Village residents seeing the movie "Terms of Endearment".  My goodness---sure was not what I expected.  They really carried on because they [sic] were alot of teenagers seeing it at the same time.  I think we will pick a Walt Disney movie next for them.

I did get 100 free passes---each pass good for two people---from a local theather [sic].  At the usual price of $4.50 each---that is a real catch.  We can only use them Monday thru Thursday before 7:00 P.M. But that is no problem.

[Love, Roberta]

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