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1974 Roberta's letter -Apr.22

April 22, 1974
Dear Family,

Hi!  got your letters today - thanks - sorry I haven't written for so long but it seems I've been busy & times goes fast!

I had shocking news today – I got back my Soc. Psych exam and got a 90% on it!  Which is a good solid 'B'.  But then I took my Juvenile Delinquency exam today and thought it was really rough - so no telling what I'll get on it!

I got all the Wright State information – thanks – there are a few courses I could take there – but first I want to check it all out at the registar's [sic] office at F.A.U.  But – I've been thinking and I'm not sure if I really want to go to summer school!!  I think I'd rather just work & spend a couple of months w/out studying & everything that goes along w/it!! If I don't go though I wouldn't graduate till June – and I like the idea of getting out in March.  But I also like the idea of NOT going this summer.  Well – I'm contradicting myself!!!

We all went to the Holiday House tonight to eat – it's a buffet type of deal – except you don't get seconds on the mat.  I had lamb – it was very good & of course had 2nd helping on the vegetables & salad!  As of today – I've been on Weight Watchers one year – I think I can still remember what chocolate ice cream & cheese taste like!

(This) Last Sunday was so slow at work – I thought it would be though so took my Juvenile Delinquency books & got alot of studying done!  Now that my manager is back I'll only be working about 15 hours a week.  OH – I got a raise of 2.00 per class at W.W. – so now I make 12.00 a week when I lecture & 7.00 the weeks I clerk!!  Last week all the women did real well – only _1_ of them gained weight – usually they gain more than they lose (as a group).

Mary V –– when are you out of school?  I only have 11 or maybe 12 days of school left this quarter.  It's kinda nice only going to school 2 days a week!

We've had a couple of phone calls from Cris – he seems to be very happy w/his job.  He says it's all confidential - So far he's staying at a Howard Johnson's near the plant.

Are you all going to be able to go to Lakeside this year?

Mary V – did you buy some more stationery so you could write us?

Hope to go to the beach tomorrow – Am tired tonight – would you believe I was up at 4:30 this morning studying – the alarm went of at 4:00 – it only took me a half hour to get out of bed –

Mother – thought of you last night – had some good liver & onions & green pepper all done up together w/thickened tomato juice!  Really Good!

Love, Berta

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