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1994 Bexhill Postcard -Apr.15

HH and Jean start their trip to England with a visit to Sid's daughter, Cynthia.  A few entries from HH are included below followed by a postcard Jean wrote to Wendy and her parents upon their arrival.  Transcription follows.

From HH 1994 Diary:
Friday, April 15, 1994 - [England] Rental car from Alamo, 2 weeks for $330, drove down to Bexhill where we saw Cynthia and she had [arranged] a B&B for us -- Mrs. Hill's at 33 Woodville Rd., 30# a night, about $45.  We had lunch at Cooden Bay Hotel.

Saturday, April 16, 1994 - [England]  Drove to Canterbury, about 5:00 we were at Battle Abbey and coming down the steps from the museum when Jean's ankle cracked.  They were having a convention of M.D.'s in Hastings who were visiting the Abbey and were helpful.  They took her by ambulance to Conquest Hospital in Hastings, actually St. Leonards-on-Sea.  After x-rays she was put in a 6-unit ward in Cooker Orange Hospital just two years old.  We had tickets for the evening program, but....

Sunday, April 17, 1994 - [England] Cynthia rotates around to 19 churches on the circuit.  She had the service at the church near the library in Bexhill, then in the evening at the Springfield Road [Christchurch Methodist] Church in Bexhill.  They were having their annual meeting at 6:30, plenty of snacks.  Enjoyed talking with Virginia _______, who had been to Romania on a mission trip and had stayed on because of illness of daughter's boyfriend.  They put a plate on Jean's ankle and also a pin.

Monday, April 18, 1994 - [England] Moved to the Chimes in Silver Hill area of Hastings. Had nice front room over the dining area for 15# per night and also more choice for breakfast. Peggy Pealle died at 69, retired 9/93 after 24 years as County Treasurer.

Tuesday, April 19, 1994 - [England] Walked out to the hospital and then in the afternoon took bus T105 to the old town and then walked back to the hotel. [Also on this date in 1999, HH shared the news about the closing of Wells with office staff.]

Wednesday, April 20 1994 - [England] Went to Bexhill, lost the bank card in the machine -- wrong # -- met Virginia in the Public Library and then tea when I ran into her on the street. She was nice to come to the hospital to see Jean and brought flowers. Cynthia and Murray also came several times to the hospital. Trying to get Jean to use the elbow crutches or a walker, she likes the latter. The hospital was free but for the walker and the x-ray.

Thursday April 21, 1994 - [England] Jean discharged from hospital about 4PM and we went to Brighton at West Beach Hotel, very near the old pier and had room in front.
[Diary continued in a future post.]

Bexhill-on-Sea postcard -mailed 1994
   1994 Jean's postcard to Morgans from Bexhill -Apr.15
Arrived here about 9:30AM after getting rental car at Alamo – Vauxhall at Gatwick airport – trip didn't seem too long.

Plan to see a Gilbert & Sullivan live Show here tomorrow night & will go to Cynthia's church on Sunday – it's a super busy weekend for her so won't really get together til Monday!

Much love, Dad & Mother

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