Saturday, April 12, 2014

2004 Catherine's postcard to Wendy -Apr.

2004 North Carolina Map postcard from Catherine to Wendy
Captioned: North Carolina "Tar Heel State, Old North State."
Capital: Raleigh.  Area: 52,712 sq. miles.  Motto: Esse Quam Videri, To Be Rather Than To Seem.  Flower: Dogwood.  Bird: Cardinal.  12th of the Original 13 States.
Hi!  Thanks for the airport transportation service.  We did have a good time but won't add Raleigh to the list of places we would want to revisit – still no place like New Orleans – or home for that matter!  When will we get to see your mosaic?  The butterfly design sounds cool.  Did you find out what the hours are for the butterfly thing at the Botanical Garden?  Let me know what will work for you.  I'll try to check on the Penelope Lively and Alice Hoffman books today.  Love, Mom

2004 Catherine's postcard to Wendy -Apr.13
Caption same as above.
Hi, Wendy!  Happy 10 days before the 23rd!  Hope you are feeling better.  Thanks for the Kartchner card.  Glad to hear of your health focus.  I just read in my Simple Abundance book that the best diet is one of "Self-Love" – the one that works best for your personal long term well being.  The newspaper today says eat healthy 80% of the time.  Let's still try to get to the Botanical Gardens and hit some golf balls in the near future.  I love you and I'm very proud to be your mother.  Love, Mom

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